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Tarh Gostar Industrial Group is proud to be in line with the customer to behave with regard to the latest methods and technology in the field of manufacturing plastic products in health care leads to satisfaction and reduce procurement costs for customers at the same high level of quality Also printing on parts is Tampo Printing, Silk Skirin with different levels in 5 colors of the capabilities of this group.


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In order to produce and manufacture quality plastic parts, it is necessary to use quality raw materials. In this regard, the company of Laygastar Industrial Group first of its priority is to provide high quality raw materials for the production of quality plastic products. Tarh Gostar Industrial Group, performing quality raw materials quality testing and confirming it by the quality control unit of raw materials, has begun to manufacture its customers' products to provide a high quality product.

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With many decades of experience in the plastic products industry using the methods and technologies of the world and using the latest production equipment and quality control laboratories, the industrial group has been proud to produce the highest quality products.

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